Monday, March 30, 2015

Dreaming of Paris Tee

Don't we all dream of Paris?

Paris is always in. This shirt will never get old. You will not believe the intricate designs on this soft, flowy tee. The sketch is done wonderfully in a metallic silver print. I found it at  Huckleberry Highway for a steal. It's one of those boutiques that have only a few. I'd go quick and grab yours. Check out the pics below:

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mothers Know Best

Mothers can never have too many shirts. And where can you find one that boasts about moms?

This is a great and versatile shirt to subtly exclaim that you knew it! You the mom did not doubt you knew it when you taught your children the truth. Or maybe you want to exclaim that you undoubtedly had a great mother.

Whatever the reason, this fashionable shirt is a great Mother's Day gift. It certainly is a great gift for that mom who has everything. You can see the several ways to style it. These are pictures of me and my friends wearing ours. We were so excited to find these. There are several different colors and styles on the site here.

Happy early Mother's Day to everyone.